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Game Rules 101 (TABLE TENNIS)

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Rules & Regulation:
1.  Each team must consist of 4 players. (It means 1 university team needs to have 4 male players for
male event and 4 female players for female event)

2.  A match is consisting of 3 single games and 2 double games. Team who wins at least 3 games is
considered as the winner of the match. (An example of the competition system is the system used
in badminton‘s Thomas Cup event)

3.  1 player can only play in 1 single game and 1 double game in a match.

4.  All teams will be drawn into 2 groups during 1st round of the competition.

5.  Top 2 teams of each group will proceed to play in semi finals.

6.  In semi finals, winners of the group will play against runner-up from the other group. The winners
meet each other in Gold Medal match (Final). While the teams who lose  in semi finals will play
each other in Bronze Medal match.

7.  All games in preliminary round will be using the  BEST OF 3 SETS SYSTEM. (Means 1 player
must win 2 sets to gain a point for his/her team in a match). As for semi-final, bronze medal match
and final, BEST OF 5 SETS SYSTEM will be implemented (must win 3 sets to win a match).

8.  All sets are using 11 points system. (unless deuce)

9.  The players will be given 2 minutes for free strokes before the game is started. However, the time
maybe reduced in case of time constrain. The duration for free strokes will be determined by the
organizers and umpires.

10.  All players are advised to be at the venue throughout the competition time. If the player who
supposes to play in the next game does not appear in 5 minutes, the  game will be ended and
victory is given to the opposition player.

11.  All players should not wear clothes in white and orange colors and preferably not in yellow too.

12.  All players must wear non-marking sports shoes with flat shoes base to enter the venue.

13.  All other rules of game play will be following the current laws set in the handbook 2012/2013 of
The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

14.  All teams should send their players or representatives to be the umpires of the games when

15.  All results and decisions by organizer and umpires are absolutely final.