Friday, March 8, 2013


Chinese New Year's Celebration

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The 3rd of March. A cold Sunday morning with a blustering wind dancing through the streets of Volgograd. It was that kind of morning where one would have preferred to stay wrapped up in the warmth of one’s blanket.

However, such was not to be said about the hardworking members of the Volgograd State Medical University’s Malaysian Chinese Students Community (MCSC). The hostel on Hiroshima Street was bustling with activity. From food preparation to decoration of the venue, the young ones were working hard to ensure their chores were done within the time frame.

And what exactly would they be abuzz about, one might ask. It was the annual Chinese New Year celebration organized by MCSC for all Malaysians, an event where everyone of different faiths and religions could gather together and enjoy themselves.

As with the previous years, this year’s celebration was split into 2 parts, the first exclusively for MCSC’s own members, then followed with a session open to every Malaysian student.

The first session commenced at 11am. Included in this session was a lucky draw, a traditional lou sang ceremony, and two games. The excellent hosting of the session by emcees Mr. Chan Jun Win and Ms. Vivian Lee kept the audience ablaze with excitement throughout the entire event.

At 12.20pm, the first session came to an end, and it was time for the all-Malaysian function to begin. Some guests had even arrived ahead of the slated time. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the beginning of the event which was slated to take part at 12.30pm was delayed by almost a half hour. However, this did not dampen the audience’s high spirits.

At 1pm, the celebration kicked off with a tumultuous start with the introduction of both the emcees. Dressed as the God of Prosperity, emcee Mr. Chan entered the hall, greeted by thunderous applause. His antics highly amused the onlooking spectators, constantly sending them into fits of laughter. 

Dressed as the God of Prosperity, emcee Chan Jun Win came nothing short of impressive.

Following the introduction of emcees, a short slideshow depicting the past Chinese New Year celebrations and the preparations toward the celebration was played. 

Several inspiring speeches were then delivered by the event organizer, Mr. Ker Jin Hoong, the President of MSA, Mr. Syed Aidid, and the curator of Malaysian students, Mr. Vladislav Goncharenko.  

“I feel it is one of the events I will cherish for the rest of my life. An event where everyone comes together united. Simply beautiful.” – Syed Aidid. President of MSA

Next up, a band led by Mr. Dennis Boon performed live before everyone a song entitled “I’m Yours.” Their performance was received well, with a huge amount of applause from the audience.

Band leader Dennis Boon, lead singer Cliff Asher and band wooing the crowd with ambient music and soothing vocals

And then came the annual lou sang ceremony. Representatives from all student bodies were invited on stage, and together everyone tossed the dish high, everyone hoping for a prosperous and harmonious year ahead. 

Leaders of all student bodies and student curators taking part in the lou sang ceremony.

The stage was then rapidly cleared for Ms. Chia Li Peng and her team’s performance – a Chinese traditional dance. With flowers in their hands, five girls graced the audience with a gentle mellow dance, drawing once again, thunderous applause from everyone.

Ms. Chia (second from left) with her team.

With the event almost drawing to an end, the media team once again made an entrance, this time with a short video clip showing the do’s and don’ts on the first day of Chinese New Year. Starring Mr. Sathiyaraj, Ms. Lee Siew Suan, Ms. Amber Liew, and Mr. Ng Yung Jeat, the witty show elicited tons of laughter from the crowd.

“Although it started late, we were entertained throughout the event. I liked the decorations and the flow of events. Very creatively done.” Jonah Seeni, 4th year student, second from right.

The event ended on a joyous note. With Ms. Vivian singing a Chinese New Year song, Mr. Ng Yung Jeat and Ms. Lee Siew Suan led a flash mob onto the stage, much to the delight of the excited audience.

At 2.30pm, the celebration came to an end, and guests were invited to their respective floors by ushers where they were served lunch and dessert.

“Best attendance ever. Amount of guests totally exceeded my expectations. I am glad that everyone took their time to attend.” Ker Jin Hoong, Event Organizer.