Friday, December 28, 2012


Introducing: STIGX 2013

Zdrastvuite! Greetings from Russia. This upcoming spring will witness a memorable moment for the Malaysian students here in Volgograd, Russia. We will be the host for the Russian Intervarsity Games, an annual event involving all the Malaysian students who are currently studying in 6 different medical and engineering universities in the Russian Federation. And what makes it all the more special, this is the 10th anniversary of the Russian Intervarsity Games since its debut in 1993.

As the saying goes ‘healthy minds come from healthy bodies’, sports are indeed very important for all of us physically, mentally, even socially. Bearing that in mind, around 800 Malaysian students from all over Russia will be participating in this prestigious event. Volgograd which is located in the southern Russia, will be home to all the participants from 19th-21st April 2013. The inspiration behind the name Stalingrad Intervarsity Games came from the rich historical and patriotic past of the City of Heroes.

There will be 10 separate sport events which are slated to be held and among the sports are futsal, volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton, ping pong, netball, takraw, rugby, and frisbee. The 7 universities which will be participating are Volgograd State Medical University (VSMU), I.M Sechenov First Moscow Sate Medical University (FMSMU), Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU), Kursk State Medical University (KSMU), Nizhny Novgorad State Medical University (NNSMU), Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), and Saint Petersburg Marine Technology University (SMTU).

This annual sports event has become a tradition for all Malaysian students studying in universities across the Russian Federation . Moreover, the universities' administrative bodies are pledging their full support and believe that this 10th Intervarsity Games would be a success!As this marks the third time VSMU will be organizing such a great event, the committee members and the students as a whole would appreciate much support from other universities as well as continuous support from all Malaysians.